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Tenerife-Punta de Teno

Updated: Jan 10

On the northwestern point of Tenerife you can find this iconic lighthouse.

It is definitely one of the must visit places of Tenerife as you get the feeling you are on the edge of the world.

Due to car restriction on the road there, it is never very crowded during the day.

Tenerife Punta de Teno lighthouse

To get there you have 3 options:

- You can drive there, but access is limited, so you need to get there before 10am and after 7pm(in the summer before 9am and after 8pm)

- Take a bus 369 from Buenavista del Toledo, from the bus stop Cruz de Toledo. It takes about 15 minutes and cost €1/one way. It runs once every hour.

- you can hike from Teno Alto, it's about 7km one-way and takes around 2 hours.

It's definitely something worth to visit as you will be able to witness the beauty of Los Gigantes cliffs, keep in your mind that it can get very windy out there. You can also rent a kayak or boat here to explore Los Gigantes closer from the sea. There is also area behind the lighthouse with smaller natural pools, so bring your swimsuit and water shoes.

Any tips for interesting lighthouse you've been to?

Journey to Punta de Teno

View of Los Gigantes cliffs

Punta de Teno can be windy

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