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Guide to Amalfi coast + photo locations

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Costa Amalfina or Amalfi coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Italy. That fact also reflects the prices and how busy it can get during the season. We came here in May yet, it was already crowded, I do not want to imagine how it looks like in the summer months. Find below my guide to Amalfi coast and my favourite locations.

There is a huge problem with parking on Amalfi coast. Roads are narrow, cliffs are steep, so if you are renting, You better get a small car and unless you wanna park 1 h walk away from main points of interest, you better get on the road early. Parking can get expensive, we didn't manage to find space in Positano or nearby, so we opt in for private parking in Positano, which cost 10 euro per hour. In Amalfi you can park near the ferry, if you are up early enough for 6-8 euro per hour.

Accommodation on Amalfi coast can get very pricey, closer you are to cities like Amalfi or Positano higher the price. If you are on the budget don't think about accommodation in Positano or Capri., rather opt in for a day trip like we did.

We chose accommodation just outside of the pretty town of Ravello, 15 minutes drive from Amalfi. You can check out some accommodation here.

Places to visit:


Positano view point

You cannot come to Amalfi coast and ignore Positano - the busiest place on Amalfi coast, because everyone wants to see those famous views.

Walk down narrow streets and prepare yourself for many steps to climb. Prices are high and everything is aimed at tourists. If the weather is nice, go to the beach

Photo spots:

Luna Restaurant terrace

Best view of Positano

Via Pastiniello

Positano viewpoint

Viale Pasitea

photo spot positano

Via Cristoforo Colombo

the best view positano



The town that gave the name to the whole coast. This place was my favourite, you get the charming narrow streets, picturesque beach, yet more authenticity than Positano. Although it is still a touristic hotspot, it doesn't lack the warmness of Italian coastal town, which Positano didn't have for me.

We did most of our souvenir shopping here as there is more to explore and prices are better. There is majestic Duomo di Amalfi on the main square full of coffee shops. Behind the Duomo you can find Chiostro del Paradiso - Moorish style cloister from the 13th century, which shouldn't be missed.

We also were recommended by locals, restaurant Donna Stella, located in the beautiful Lemon garden, serving one of the best pizza and pasta we had in Italy in a family setting. It is slightly hidden off the main streets, but I promise you will not regret to go out of your way. Try to go early or book a table in advance.



One the smallest yet very charming towns of Amalfi coast. Hidden in the bay between Ravello and Amalfi.

Atrani is also the best preserved fishing village in the area. It is a short 15 minutes walk from Amalfi and has beautiful beaches too.


View from Ravello

Ravello is pictureque town set 365m above the sea level. It is full of historic villas, charming gardens and offers stunning views of the coast and countryside on the other side.

Ravello is definetly not to be missed on your trip to Amalfi coast, specifically views from Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are something you should add to your itinerary.


Capri island marina

The island of Capri was absolute highlight of our trip. We took a ferry from Amalfi for 30 euro, but you can get a better deal if you book in advance. the ferry ride from Amalfi is 50 minutes, but you can also get there from Positano in 30 minutes or Sorrento in 20 minutes.

The ferry from Amalfi usually stops in Positano on the way to pick up more passengers, which gives you an opportunity to witness a beautiful view from the boat and snap some photos for instagram.

When you arrive to Capri, get the cable car up the hill to Capri Capitol (one way ticket is 2 euro) and let the views soak in.

view Capri

Giardini di Augusti is definitely a must visit place in Capri. Although gardens are not very big in size, the views are the best on the island.

The entrance fee is around 2 euros per person.

You can enjoy great views with a side of cocktails also from Rooftop bar nearby, however be prepare to be pay 20 euros for Aperol Spritz.

We only had one day at Capri, but I am still keeping for next time to visit Anacapri, the second largest town of Capri and Marina Piccola.

Capri viewpoint

Capri view

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