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Dubrovnik, Croatia: Travel tips

Updated: Jan 10

Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia for the first time is an exciting experience. Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," Dubrovnik offers a unique combination of history, culture, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Here are some travel tips on visiting Dubrovnik in Croatia to make the most of your visit:

🚙🏠Rent a car and get accommodation within old town with parking

Travelling by car is the most convenient in Croatia. Get accommodation in Old Town, which is the best to explore the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik by foot, but make sure there is parking included as it can get be very difficult and expensive to park here. Most hosts will lead you to park outside of Old Town on their designated spot and then bring you to the Old Town by their own car.

We found our Old Town accommodation here.

Rent your car here or here:

Dubrovnik old town city walls

🎒Pack light & get comfy shoes There are many steps and dragging heavy suitcase down the stairs is not much fun.

🔥Avoid travelling in July and August

It gets super crowded and hot in summer. Choose lower season instead. May or end of September is perfect there.

🧱Plan your visit of the city walls

It is the main attraction so it is busy, it takes a few hours to walk it all and so you don't want to do in hot midday sun. Go as early as you can in the morning or in the golden hour in the evening.

🏰Buy City Pass

It costs €35 and includes entrance fee to main sights, including city walls which on its own cost €35. You can buy one here.

🏰Book The Game of Thrones tour

It is a must when in Dubrovnik as Old Town has played part of Kings Landing in The Game of Thrones. Check out tours here:

sunset Dubrovnik mount Srd

🚠Take a cable car to mount Srd

To enjoy spectacular sunset and views.

Round trip is €27, you can book your trip here.

🏝️Visit nearby islands

Dubrovnik is surrounded by beautiful islands, don't miss the chance to see their lush greenery and pristine beaches. For example: Lokrum, Mljet, Elafiti.


There are several beaches near Dubrovnik. Banje beach is the most popular and offers stunning view of the Old Town, but thanks to that they will charge you up to €65 for sunbeds and umbrella. Head to Lapad or Copacabana beach for quieter spots.

💖Dubrovnik completely stole my heart, i have been to many places in Croatia in the past and I have to say that for me 'Pearl of the Adriatic' 🦪 is the most beautiful town of Croatia I have been to.

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